Surviving Your First College Semester

Image source: Kristina Nguyen

For many of us, college is an extremely important milestone in our lives. Even though it might sound daunting, college is actually a really fun and enjoyable time that will go by a lot more quickly than you think.

For those of you either starting college this year or returning, make sure to not fall behind but also take time to enjoy all the little and big moments that come your way!

College classes give you a lot of breaks and you have much more time to take part in activities to explore new hobbies or delve deeper into existing ones. One of my biggest tips is to attend your school’s involvement fair to get more information on clubs and organizations. They’re a great way for you to feel more connected to your peers and school! This is the prime time for you to find a creative outlet, try something new, or do something completely unexpected and connect with people you wouldn’t have thought of before.

Having classes and activities in your schedule also means it’s essential to have solid time management skills. This past year, I had to see whether I was more efficient at completing work during the day or at night, and I had to learn to really use a planner to write down in detail what I have to do during each hour of the day. This might sound tedious, but overdoing a task at first will set you up really well for when you get into the habit of doing it and it becomes second nature.

The last thing I want to stress is to expand your boundaries. Whether it be by expanding your social circle or by exploring your college town and the surrounding city, going outside of the immediate bubble of academics and your college campus will help you grow. Not to mention, it will also give you countless experiences and memories!

College is honestly the opposite of a scary place— it’s a time for you to discover more about yourself and just have fun. So get out there, take some risks, and don’t forget to enjoy one of the biggest milestones of your life.