Maintaining Healthy Skin this Summer

Image source: SheKnows

Taking care of your skin is so important, especially in summer when it’s hot and we are more prone to sun damage.  Here are three tips to keep your skin healthy and feel good not just in summer, but year-round.

 1. Use makeup with sunscreen in it.

If you wear make up regularly, this will protect your face at all times from those nasty UV rays that cause sunburn.

Image source: Rebecca Giansante

 2. Pay attention to the ingredients in your products, even ones you always use.

My favorite brand of foundation suddenly added sodium benzoate, which I’m sensitive to, and when I put it on, my face broke out in itchy hives.  So, keep tabs on your daily products, and make sure they haven’t added any unpleasant surprises.

 3. Consider fragrance free.

For those of us with sensitive skin, and even those without, fragrances can cause havoc with the skin, from hives to headaches.  If you get headaches or rashes after using a product with fragrance, that could be what’s causing it as opposed to something else in it.  Considering trying it and seeing if it makes a difference. 

Regardless of how you make it happen, make sure you take the proper steps to maintaining healthy skin this summer. You’ll regret not taking more precautions later!