Wildflour Bakery’s Legacy

Source Image: Yelp

Wildflour Baking Company has been at the base of Palisades Tahoe for as long as I can remember. Located in the lower level of the Olympic house, the bakery is within walking distance of all the ski lifts at the base of the mountain, making it a prime spot to get breakfast before heading out or a treat before heading back home after a long day on the mountain. The bakery has remained in business despite the various changes in management and organization of the village, expanding to take over the lower floor’s kitchen to meet the growing demands of the mountain-goers.

The bakery is only open during the winter months, shutting down alongside the ski lifts when the snow melts. Capitalizing on the ski season, Wildflour opens early and closes an hour after the mountain shuts down for the day, giving mountain-goers ample opportunity to enjoy their various goods. Their most well-known treat is their chocolate chip cookie, but the bakery offers a wide range of other sweet and savory goods. From freshly baked bagels, egg bowls, and “em-bombs” (their English muffins stuffed with eggs, potatoes, and cheddar cheese) to cinnamon rolls, whoopie pies, and various cookie flavors, you’ll be sure to find something that appeals to you. 

They are also always trying out new recipes, offering them as their specials and advertising them by periodically yelling out into the common room that they are available. One new recipe they were trying out this past ski season was what they called an “apple bomb,” which was essentially an apple pie baked into a small sphere. I tried it, and while I prefer their cookies, it was a tasty treat!

Whether you are looking for a breakfast spot early in the morning before the lifts open or a quick treat before heading home, Wildflour has plenty of options to choose from. As someone who’s been going there since I was a toddler and who looks forward to the first cookie of the season and wishes there didn’t have to be a last cookie, Wildflour holds a special place in my heart. If you ever find yourself in Tahoe and are looking for a sweet treat to go alongside a great ski resort, then look no further.