Helping Nature One Outfit at a Time

Image Source: Reddit

Nature is in shambles, and people keep disagreeing on why. My personal hypothesis sits with the fact that people just don’t respect nature anymore. And I’ve decided that it’s up to me to change that. You may be wondering how I can succeed where so many scientists, activists, and politicians with actual qualifications have failed. 

The answer came to me lost in the forest, nibbling on berries and nuts to stave off hunger-fueled madness. At the peak of my delirium, I looked up and saw a squirrel regarding me from a nearby tree, and I recognized just how ordinary it looked, how boring. At that very moment, I realized what nature needs the most: drip.  

Since I came to this lightbulb discovery, I have made it my mission to tailor-make and outfit the local fauna in fashionable outfits. Where once a rat was a creature to be despised and shunned, now, equipped with a top hat and monocle, is the epitome of classiness. With this tasteful change in apparel, ne’er-do-wells will think twice before throwing their litter onto the floor of such high-class forest denizens. 

Talk is cheap however, the real question is: Do I have the hard evidence to show my solution is actually working?

The answer to that question is no. However, I will not be deterred! 

Behind every great plan is a determined individual who will not be stopped over a handful of squirrel scratches. And I definitely fit that bill–I have gotten the rabies shot over 9 times in the past month, and I won’t stop until I personally outfit each and every one of the soon-to-be beautiful creatures residing in my nearest forest. Either that or until I actually get rabies. 

Sure, maybe I could be making a more “meaningful” or “positive” impact on the environment, or society, however, I rest easy each and every night knowing there is a gopher somewhere out there, dressed to the nines with the confidence to match. 

So next time you think about throwing a piece of trash on the ground, remember that there could be a positively dapper raccoon who would be rather displeased with such improper conduct.