Wearing Traditional Clothes Makes me Feel Bold

Whenever I feel like dressing up, I wear clothes that have a traditional feel to them. My country, Pakistan, is a land of culture and colors. Our traditional clothes have lots of embroidery on them and are of vibrant colors. When we wear traditional clothes for events, we usually wear heavy jewelry with it. Nothing says bold and chic like Pakistani fashion. Being a Pakistani, wearing such clothes means much more to me than just fashion. It feels like wearing my culture. It makes me feel proud of my ethnicity.

Personally, I like to wear dresses that have just a little embroidery or beadwork on it, unless its for a wedding. At weddings, we go full glam. I also prefer lesser jewelry. I usually only wear earrings. My go to earring style when I wear traditional dresses is the simple hoop earrings. Simpler jewelry goes well with such bold dresses. This way the dress grabs all the attention.