TikTok’s Newest Trend: “Deinfluencing”

Image Source: Today.com

Trend cycles are ever-changing, and their turnover rate is only getting faster. Seeing the potential for selling products through social media, companies are taking advantage of consumers’ desire for the next new thing. By targeting influencers, they have found a perfect way of marketing new releases to an audience that will take their opinion as fact.

These users have built sizable platforms off of their viewership and expertise, giving them a sense of reliable authority in their respective fields. Especially in the beauty and fashion circles, this phenomenon has tended to result in an uptick in purchases, with users feeling the need to try the products they see all over their Instagram or TikTok feeds for themselves. 

However, a new trend has been slowly making its way around the social media world. Participating users post videos explaining which popular products are not worth the hype they have been given. They go on to encourage viewers not to spend their money on these items, instead calling attention to the unnecessary overconsumption perpetuated by social media today. With a few different reasons for the shift, ranging from environmental to economic, users urge anyone who will listen to practice their critical thinking skills and do their best to avoid buying items on impulse.

As much fun as it can be to try new products or styles that you’ve seen online, consider scrolling through the hashtag #deinfluencing before placing that next late-night Amazon or Sephora order. According to the trend’s creators, you’ll be happy you did!