Three Trending Bags for Spring 2023

Bags are fundamental for carrying essential items on the go, like your phone, wallet, or even something as simple as a pack of gum. However, a bag is not only a simple commodity, it’s also a fashion statement. Bags serve a dual purpose, 1. Carrying items and 2. Styling an outfit depending on the bag’s embroidery, color, size, and design. 

Since different bags serve different purposes, it’s uncommon to only own one. For their usability, style, durability, and uniqueness, the following bags have recently trended among users. 

Image Source: Lulu Lemon

1. The Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag  

The “Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag” has been trending everywhere. For $38, the one-size belt bag is offered in seven solid colors, such as black, mint, and java brown, with the brand’s mini logo in the bottom right-hand corner on the face of the bag. It’s also offered with a wordmark grid design (pictured below). 

Image Source: Lulu Lemon

The product features a one-zip pocket that looks small on the outside but fits plenty on the inside, carrying up to a plus-sized iPhone and more. It’s designed for “on the move” and for easy accessibility to your essentials, without having to scour through a big bag. It can be worn across the body or around the waist, both serving comfortability with the bag’s adjustable fitting strap. 

For those looking for a cheaper alternative, Amazon sells a “Trendy Queen Crossbody Fanny Pack” of similar design for only $11.97. Another alternative is the “Viewm” version which sells for $14.49. 

Image Source: Marc Jacobs

2. The Marc Jacobs Tote Bag 

If you’re looking to carry bigger items in your bag, perhaps an iPad or laptop for work or school, the Marc Jacobs Medium Tote Bag is a good fit. The brand’s tote sells for $195, so it’s a pricier option. However, it’s highly fashionable. With its solid black color, crossbody strap, top handles, and a logo title designating the bag’s uniqueness, the canvas tote bag acts as a major fashion statement. Its space and side pockets on the inside allow for deeper organization. 

A more reasonable alternative would be Amazon’s own version of “The Tote Bag,” which sells for $35.99 and offers the same design, handles, spacing, and comfortability. 

Image Source: Brixley

3. The Brixley Bag 

Ever since Tiktok user Kimberly O’Connell uploaded a video showcasing her original Brixley Bag, and the five different ways it can be worn on the body, her product has gone viral. The video reached over five million views, and users took a liking to the bag’s small size but spacious room, its side zippers, inside keychain clip, and the various ways that the bag can be worn, depending on which way is most comfortable for the user. 

The bag sells for $40 and is offered in 15 different colors. It can be worn as a crossbody, as a belt bag, as a backpack, and even as a shoulder bag.