The Story of Serena Williams

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Serena Williams, a pro tennis player who has won more Grand Slam titles than any other tennis player, opened doors for Black athletes all over the world. She is one of the most accomplished athletes, winning three doubles gold in the Olympics. She originally started tennis as a way to express herself and because it was something she and her sister enjoyed doing together. However, as she started improving, Williams became a role model to many young Black girls who dream of becoming student-athletes.

From a young age, Williams saw how she was treated differently because of her race. When going to the tennis courts with her sister as a child, she noticed how most of the tennis players were White. She even claims that some kids started calling her “Blacky” on the tennis courts. However, since she had her sister at her side, Williams never felt discouraged because of her skin color. When Williams got older and started playing tennis professionally, there were definitely a lot of critics, some even making comments on her being a Black woman playing tennis. Her strength and grit to overcome these negative comments and continue playing the sport she loves has inspired so many young people to be themselves and not listen to the negative opinions of others. Because Black History Month is coming up in February, it is important to celebrate those who overcome racism and inspire others to not feel discouraged because of skin color. Serena Williams is a prime example of someone who chose to not let skin color define what she would accomplish and became one of the best professional tennis players in the nation.

Information from an interview given by Serena Williams with The Undefeated. Read more about it at this link.