Revisiting The Princess Bride

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It is almost Valentine’s Day, which means love is in the air whether you like it or not. Some people don’t like Valentine’s, which is totally fine, while others do. Personally, I take the opportunity to show my appreciation for my friends and family and enjoy cozy feelings of love. That also means I sometimes like to read or watch romantic stories/movies (even though I typically prefer straight-up fantasy), so this Valentine’s Day, I decided to read William Goldman’s The Princess Bride.

I know; it’s an iconic movie. For a while, I had no idea it was a book at all. Once I found out, I knew I had to read it, and boy am I glad I did. The banter is witty, the characters are entertaining, and the action is exciting. The book has all of the best lines from the movie, plus more I never knew existed. It has the same epic love story, which is more fleshed out because we can see into the characters’ heads. I hated putting the book down when I was too tired to keep reading—I would have stayed up all night if I could!

The Princess Bride movie was such an integral part of my childhood. Coming back to it now and finally reading the book was so nostalgic and lovely. It made me feel happy and hopeful, which we all deserve to feel right now. For anyone else looking for 1) a romance to enjoy during Valentine’s, 2) an opportunity to reminisce about childhood memories, and 3) a way to momentarily escape the pandemic, do yourself a favor and read William Goldman’s The Princess Bride. You won’t regret it.