The Benefits of Sibling Love

Image source: Jasmine Liu

As the holiday season is coming to an end, so are our nerves with judgmental relatives and the bone-chilling weather. In these dire times, it’s imperative we latch onto our siblings or cousins so we aren’t always in the spotlight of getting criticized by older relatives. Along with being a sneaky shield, siblings are the friends that we are gifted, even we don’t always get along. Here are some reasons why I personally believe having siblings is a blessing.

1. They can shield you from getting criticized at the family dinner. 

The easiest way to find your way out of the spotlight is to shove someone else into it. For example, mention the latest thing your sibling has gotten into. Whether they got a ticket or got into trouble at school, mention it and make it even more dramatic. This may get you on the naughty list, but hey, it’s worth it.

2. You guys can share the gift-giving. 

Can’t afford that grand kitchen aid mixer yourself for mother? Ask your brother/sister to split it with you and boom, you guys are the best kids ever.

3. You can complain about the same stuff because you both know very well why Aunt Vicky cries every year.

With all the family drama inevitable to unfold this holiday season, siblings can make you feel less alone in a crazy home.

4. You can rely on them when you forget stuff.

They aren’t roommates, they’re family. This means you can definitely borrow whatever you want from them. (Yes, I’m the sister who steals clothes.)

5. You can trust them to keep any secret… as long as you have a secret of theirs.

Black mail is a beautiful thing. And for the most part, “Don’t tell mom” is understandable to each other if the mutual goal is to have a peaceful family gathering.

Whether you are close with your siblings or not, hold on to them as they are the people who are most likely to be there for you in any circumstance, and that includes during the chaotic seasonal family reunions.