2 Ways to Have More School Spirit

Whether you are a college freshman or a high school sophomore, having school spirit can make your days at school more enjoyable! There are many options to get involved through clubs or events, so here are the two ways to do so:

Athletic Events

Image Source: Patch

If your school has any athletic event planned, such as a basketball or football game, this is an excellent way to get involved with your school! You could wear your team’s colors, put some face paint on, and get to cheering for your team!


Join Clubs

Image Source: Rogers State University

Joining clubs is an exciting way to represent your school through your interests and passions. Whether it is the science club or the book club, be sure to dabble in something that allows you to meet new people and get more involved on campus!

So here they are, two ways to get more involved with your student body/school! These can both be very strong ways to have a great time with your friends as you all cheer on your school!