Thank You to Virtual Learning

Image via Achieve Virtual

COVID-19 majorly changed the education system. We went from in-person classrooms to online, virtual learning. I had some negative thoughts about it in the beginning, but as I got the hang of it, I started to enjoy this type of learning more. I have ultimately grown to appreciate virtual classes.

Here are some things I’ve learned from online learning:

Time Management Skills – I learned to plan out my day around my classes strategically. I aimed for efficiency, so I started making an organized schedule for when to do my classwork, homework, and study. Since it was all on my terms and time, I learned to space out my time in the best way possible.

*Pro-tip: Buy a cute calendar!

Independence – I learned to study on my own. I also learned to find supplemental instructions and studying methods through YouTube videos and workbook problems. I realized that I can quiz and test myself on materials and that I could self-teach.

Technology Skills – This one is obvious, but due to the pandemic, laptops and technology became essential tools to our entire learning experience. Prior to COVID, I had no idea what Zoom was; however, thanks to this pandemic, I learned the benefits of programs such as Zoom. I also learned how to collaborate better with my classmates virtually by sharing documents and using video chats and other programs.

Responsibility – I have learned the importance of communicating with teachers and classmates. I have learned to reach out to others, not waiting for someone to reach out to me. I learned to take the initiative and hold myself accountable. Staying on task without falling behind was key! I had to be cognizant of how to manage my time efficiently and take responsibility for how much effort I was putting into my work.

Although the COVID pandemic was and still is troublesome, I learned some important lessons with virtual learning. I feel that I was able to grow more as a person through this transition out of the classroom setting that I am grateful for. I believe that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the start of a change in our society and culture, so I am glad that I extracted positive benefits from this experience.