3 Tips from Online Classes to Carry Over to In-Person Classes

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I can’t believe it’s been a year since we started working and studying from home! Over the course of this past year, the unique challenges of attending online classes have actually helped me develop stronger study habits. Now that schools are gearing up for the return of in-person classes, I want to share my tips for online learning that can be carried over to in-person instruction!

Practice Time Management

Although online classes offer more flexibility than traditional in-person classes, they can also lead to underestimating the time needed to complete assignments or study for exams. This is why it’s important to practice time management, whether you’re learning online or in-person. Your schedule will largely be dependent upon your own habits and learning style, but some universally valuable tips include: creating and following a routine, making note of major assignments, regularly checking the syllabus, and time-blocking to get tasks done.

Hold Yourself Accountable

On that note, it is also crucial to hold yourself accountable, whether you’re learning virtually or in-person. At the beginning of the semester or quarter, make sure you check to see if there are any important assignments or projects due or an exam coming up. While instructors may send out reminders, it is up to us as responsible students to stay proactive and engaged.

Create a Distraction-Free Study Space

In comparison to in-person instruction, online classes come with a unique challenge; distractions in our study space in the form of social media, streaming services, and the million-and-one errands to take care of at home. One way that I overcame this challenge was by creating a study space that worked for my habits. To eliminate noise, I opted for noise-cancelling headphones whenever the house got too loud. To stop me from absentmindedly checking my phone or going on random YouTube binges, I physically set limits on my laptop and phone. Even though we’re returning to in-person classes soon, these habits of eliminating distractions will help you continue succeeding, no matter the form of instruction!

What are some of the habits that you have picked up from online classes that you’ll be carrying over to in-person classes?