Staying In For Spring Break

Image source: Jillian Murray

Spring break is so exciting! Sun on your skin, stress-free nights, and nothing but happiness is around you. I recently spent my spring break back home in San Diego. It was everything I needed and more. Especially after a long week of midterms at school, I was glad to have a more mellow and lowkey spring break.

Even after looking at snapchats of everyone partying it up in Cabo, I felt content with my decision to go home for spring break and take care of myself. I was starting to feel overwhelmed with school and on top of that, I caught a cold! I had been staying up late studying for five nights in a row. The effects that that has on one’s body goes beyond just feeling tired the next day. So, with all of this is mind, I used my spring break–a whole week off from school–to completely pamper myself.

This includes nails, haircut, and even a massage! I wanted to feel as relaxed as possible this spring break and I highly encourage for you to do the same. Sure, it’s fun going out with your friends and spring break is the perfect opportunity for that. However, if you are like me and absolutely love to bathe in relaxation and all things pampering, maybe self-care is more your route.

Nails is always my go to solution for feeling relaxed and beautiful almost immediately. Next comes getting my hair cut! I love when I have a fresh cut that makes me feel like I can conquer anything. I also don’t mind throwing in some highlights to go with the clean cut. And if haircuts aren’t your thing, get a massage! It is so peaceful to lay down and feel all of the knots leave your back. After so many months of working, you deserve it.

Everyone has a different mindset when they think about the meaning of spring break. I love traveling, nights in, and pampering, and I can say that my spring break of 2019 was perfect for me in every single way! So, put that sunscreen on, try on that cute new bikini, and go hit the pool or beach! But don’t forget to take this time to relax, too.