Enjoy Senioritis by Living in the “Now”

Image source: Jillian Murray

Let’s be real. When you’re feeling lazy, it can be hard to manage anything that comes with responsibility. Senioritis hits people hard, especially if they are beyond taking midterms, stressing over finals, and writing those awfully long papers that require you to hours upon hours simply drafting.

When you do feel as though being lazy is the best option for you on a Sunday morning near the end of a semester, stay calm, because reality is about to hit. If you feel like you’ve had too much stimuli, take a mental nap. I’d like to do this by laying on my bed and listening to music with my eyes closed. Regroup, refresh, and be in the moment. Let your mind relax from all of the stresses that come with change itself, and let yourself indulge in the “now.”

While doing this, remember to stay in the present rather than becoming overexcited about the future. While balancing the stressors of school is almost coming to an end, enjoy every minute you have of being in the present. You don’t know what the “real world” has to offer yet, just just enjoy what you have now. Always remember that now is a time you’ll never get again, so enjoy it by making time for yourself and the people in your life. This creates the mindset that anything is possible!