Scentbird: Exploration of Fragrance

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Did you know that fragrance and body odor can influence others’ perceptions of you? According to the National Library of Medicine, “Numerous peer-reviewed studies have documented that a variety of olfactory stimuli, from ambient malodours through to fine fragrances, and even a range of chemosensory body odours can influence everything from a perceiver’s judgments of another person’s attractiveness, age, affect, health/disease status, and even elements of their personality”. It’s clear that scent is an important factor in first impressions and perceptions of self, but how does one find their signature scent?

It can be difficult to know which types of fragrances blend well with a person’s natural pheromones, or which scents are used for which occasions. From smelling scent after scent in department stores with an untrained nose, to the expensive trial and error period of trying to find the perfect scent, it can be a strenuous process.

Luckily, the brand Scentbird can help you with all of your fragrance needs. Scentbird is a fragrance subscription service with a mission to empower each and every person to express themselves through scent. The site is a “single place to discover, explore, learn about, and experience scents just for you.”

You can start by taking a personalized fragrance quiz, specifying scents you enjoy, whether that’s feminine or masculine, warm or fresh, sophisticated or playful, and bold or soft. The quiz then asks how you want your scent to make you feel, with five different categories. This dedication to creating an experience along with the scent is a unique selling proposition of this innovative fragrance brand. After the quiz has given you a scent profile, they recommend matches to your Fragrance Families.

None of the fragrances are specifically made by Scentbird, but instead, by popular perfume brands across the world. Scentbird offers brands such as Christian Siriano, Michel Germain, Versace,  Zadig and Voltaire, David’s Perfume by David Dobrik, Floris London, and more. Instead of buying an entire bottle at full price as you normally might, Scentbird allows you to try out a smaller sample in a monthly subscription. You can get one, two, or three scents per month, allowing you to try out different styles and scents to see which you prefer. The company skillfully eliminates the process of buying an entire perfume or cologne and deciding you don’t like it. If you find that you try one out that isn’t for you, it won’t break your bank, and you are able to narrow down your preferences.

I have been using Scentbird for a few months now, and I can say that I have been very satisfied with its services. I find myself excited as I pick out new perfumes for my queue, and I look forward to the package in the mail every month. The packaging is nice as well, and the brand does a wonderful job with professionalism and a customized customer experience. If you’re looking to find your signature scent or just your next fragrance, I highly recommend Scentbird.