Rose Gold: The Jewelry Trend That Owns the Summer

It’s official. I hereby declare rose gold the jewelry of the summer. Gold and silver jewelry have always dominated the playing field, but now it’s rose gold’s time to shine (literally). You know when you’re finishing up an outfit and trying to decide whether silver or gold jewelry will suit it best? Well, rose gold solves that problem since it goes with just about everything. It can be a perfect neutralizer for when you’re struggling to top off your outfit. Slightly pink in hue, rose gold is a beautiful yet versatile necessity. Rose gold’s uniquely blendable color makes it so that you can even mix and match it with either gold or silver jewelry. Drench yourself in rose gold, or use one rose gold statement piece this summer. Below are some great pieces to add to your jewelry box:

Pura Vida Sunshine Ring
Pura Vida Satellite Shell Pendant Necklace
Pura Vida “The Luma Set” By Aspyn Ovard
Pura Vida Topanga Canyon Ring Pack
Etsy Opal Stone Rose Gold Tulip Necklace
Etsy Rose Gold Bangles
Nordstrom Dazzling Sloane Summer is Mine Ring
Nordstrom Whaley Stud Earrings
Nordstrom Drop Earrings
Nordstrom Mint Mari Butterfly Choker Necklace
Nordstrom Rack Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver CZ Wire Cuff
Nordstrom Rack Rose Gold Plated Celestial Bolo Bracelet
Urban Outfitters Janey Butterfly Charm Hoop Earring


Amazon LEGITTA Disc Pendant Necklace


Macy’s Dancing Dragonfly Chain Bracelet