Roli Roti: A Rotisserie on Wheels

Every year, from May until October, various vendors line the streets of downtown Los Altos for the farmers’ market. From fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms, baked goods from local businesses, and fresh-cooked meals from restaurants, the small farmers’ market offers its visitors a wide selection of goods. 

Thomas Odermatt earned a master’s degree in organic farming in Zurich, Switzerland before moving to Berkeley to continue his education, where he was captivated by the growing gourmet scene. Using the techniques he learned from his father, who is a master butcher, along with his mother’s recipes, Odermatt founded Roli Roti in 2002. Roli Roti’s website goes over the history of the truck, including how it got its name: the fact that it was a rotisserie on wheels. The truck has been a staple of the Los Altos Farmers’ Market for years, and what once was a single truck has expanded into a fleet of six, roaming California’s Bay Area to attend farmers’ markets in the area. 

In 2015, Odermatt created Butcher’s Bone Broth–an organic bone broth that aimed to be healthy, delicious, and satisfying, just like the porchetta sandwiches and chicken offered by the food trucks. Roli Roti has also added various sous vide products, including potatoes from their farms, carnitas, and chicken with multiple options for seasoning, available in stores such as Costco, Target, Whole Foods, and Safeway. Recipes for their products are provided as well, from lemon pepper orzo soup to a twist on the traditional Bloody Mary–adding bone broth. 

There’s nothing quite like visiting this food truck, so next time you find yourself in the Bay Area during the farmers’ market season, keep an eye out for Roli Roti and browse the other offerings of the markets to continue supporting local businesses and farms. Roli Roti has the location of each truck listed on their website, so make sure to look to see if it’s coming to an area near you!