De-stressing During the End Times

Image Source: Skwigly

We’re finally at the end of another semester. It’s been a long one, and I’m ready to let bygones be bygones and ride out in the summer wind, never to be seen again (until the fall haze). This semester has been a very stressful one, and if it wasn’t for the entertainment world, I’d be somewhere crying in the corner. I know I’m not the only one who’s been stressed out recently, so I’m going to reveal my secret to keeping my head above water when I’m feeling down and out. Brace yourself. My suggestions might just change your life.

Whenever I’m feeling stressed, I choose to watch something I’ve already seen before mainly because I can’t deal with the anxiety of a new plot point, a new character, or a new twist. That’s why I recommend watching a show from your childhood. My go-to is Regular Show, as I get a few laughs and feel younger. It’s something about that feeling that gives me relief. I don’t know if it’s the overload of nostalgia or the realization that nothing is that serious, but I’m always in a better mood when I’m watching a classic. It doesn’t just have to be a cartoon either; another one of my go-to’s is The Vampire Diaries. The production quality may not be up there with The Last of Us, but it’s my favorite teen soap opera and has a lot more meaning to me because it represents the 2010s so well.

I also recommend making a new playlist and going to the gym. Studies have shown that exercise sends happy signals to the brain, and listening to a new playlist while pumping some iron could make those happy signals even happier. I recommend putting all your favorite, upbeat tunes in one playlist and sorting them out in the order that you want to listen to them. At least you’ll feel in control of something, and if you’re anything like me, having control of at least one variable in your life could make a stressful period much easier to go through.

My last recommendation is to take yourself out to the movies. You can go with friends or alone, but regardless of your choice, it’s nice to get out of the house. There are some great movies out right now that are waiting for you to watch them. It will only take two and a half hours, and once you finish, the stress you were complaining about will be long gone.

I hope I helped you de-stress during the end times. I know it’s not easy wrapping up another semester, but the stress will pass. Try my recommendations out, and let me know if you feel a difference.