Review: Unloving You

Image Source: Twitter

Soft and romantic are the two traits that popped into my head when I heard “Unloving You” by Alex Aiono. The piano, heartfelt lyrics, and his vocals cause the listeners to empathize with the artist. The song speaks to how a person feels when a relationship goes sour. It feels as if all the experiences you had with this one person aren’t relevant to them when they may have meant the world to you. Aiono utilizes word play through the repeated use of the ‘un’ prefix. Instead of loving her, seeing the videos of the themselves, tying the knot, and making promises to each other, the complete opposite occurs; none of those things that the couple did matter anymore. Aiono is having a difficult time coming to terms with the fact that the relationship is truly over.

I feel as if this song is relatable to many. It’s hard to end a relationship, especially when you were not the one who wanted to end it. Maybe you didn’t realize your partner was not as invested or that anything was even wrong. When the news breaks that there is a problem, it feels crushing to realize there was an issue that you didn’t even notice. Because of this authenticity present in “Unloving You”, I believe that this may be a perfect song for many experiencing heartbreak.