The Joy of Making Playlists

Image source: Time

I can’t go a day without listening to music. In the mornings when I go to school, you’ll see me with my earbuds in, always listening to a different playlist. I love creating playlists because it gives you the opportunity to get creative and mix genres, artists, and even time periods. Making playlists is a great way to satisfy your inner organizational freak as well as artist, and it’s one of my favorite elements to enjoying music. 

Playlists are sections within my overall library of music that I have on my phone, and each one puts me in a different mood. On a cloudy day, I might feel like listening to my “rain” or “coffeehouse” playlist, but on days where I’m feeling especially pumped, I’ll go to my “straight bops” playlist. I have Spotify, which allows me to set a cover photo and add a fun description for each mini-library. Although it might sound odd, organizing my music is very stress-relieving and sometimes, I’ll do this as a form of a study break. I get to truly think about what vibe each song gives off or what its lyrics mean so that I can put it in its own little folder. I get to be really creative with how I sort my music. 

If you’re looking for a way to have fun with your music, I totally recommend making playlists for yourself, following recommended ones, or checking out ones that your friends have! They’re a great way to tap into your creativity and further enjoy the music you listen to.