Review: Soul


The spring semester is upon us students, and with it, there may be some necessary adjustment for those of us who binge-watched TV shows and movies throughout winter break. For a night of relaxation, I recommend watching the 2020 film Soul. It’s one of the most emotional and wholesome movies to have been produced byPixar Animation Studios. 

Jamie Foxx is the voice actor for the protagonist, Joe, a middle-aged band teacher who lives and breathes for jazz, his greatest passion. Joe finally lands an important gig that may be his one shot to perform as a jazz player. However, in his excitement, Joe falls into a manhole and meets his end. Unwilling to accept his untimely death, Joe embarks on a journey through the “Great Beyond” to try to return to his physical body. Throughout his journey, he meets life-changing strangers and old friends. Joe truly learns what it means to have a soul: a purpose in life.

Soul is a one of a kind Pixar film released by Walt Disney Pictures. Without spoiling too much, this movie explores the idea of existentialism. It’s packed with comedic and often thought-provoking content for the whole family to enjoy. You can stream the movie on Disney+, and enjoy a heartwarming story full of loveable characters and beautiful animation.