Review: New Girl


Image Source: Fox

Fox’s New Girl achieves a new level of charming. The show revolves around bubbly Jess, who moves into an apartment with three male roommates. New Girl truly encapsulates what everyone looks for in a good sitcom.

Very few shows these days have original humor. New Girl does this perfectly. Viewers will definitely laugh their way through the episodes; the style of humor is extremely unique and sets New Girl apart from every other show out there.

Another phenomenal aspect of the show isof coursethe characters. It seems as if there are no unlikeable characters in this show. They individually are so vivid and add an eccentric quality to the show.

Although one of the main plotlines, the romantic relationship between the characters Jess and Nick, drags on throughout the entirety of the show, it never gets exhausting. Many shows rely on romantic relationships to carry the show, and it gets old rather quickly. New Girl manages to not only pull it off, but make the audience crack up along the way.