Review: No Guidance

Image Source: HYPEBEAST

It sure has been a while since the last Chris Brown and Drake collab. “No Guidance” by Chris Brown, featuring Drake, has “Summer ‘19 hit” written all over it yet just slightly falls short. The features of any successful pop-r&b song are there: a nice flow, some motivational lyrics“you got it girl”and smooth vocals. Because it’s Drake and C-Breezy, there is no doubt to me that the song will do well; but will it do well as it could have if the song was a bit more organic? Debatable.

The song begins with a sample from Che Ecru’s 2018 gem “Before I Die”. Drake starts off his hook with in a speak-singing style. There is a slight crescendo before Brown busts in all the way until the chorus where Drake mellows it out again. The vibe has enough highs and lows to not cause people from losing interest in the song and still keep it danceable. Brown and Drake alternate hooks throughout the rest of the song. Drake glorifies girls’ capability and Brown brings his distinct sound. Because of this, the duo has a surefire hit.

Despite the collaboration not living up to its fullest potential, “No Guidance” is still a hype song to bop to.