Review: Eragon

Image Source: Penguin Random House

Fourteen years ago, at only 19-years-old, Christopher Paolini published his first novel, Eragon the beginning to the critically acclaimed Inheritance series. Filled with elements of magic and dragons, interspersed with familiar politically-driven wars and camaraderie, Eragon is the perfect book to start with as the reader plunges into the realms of fantasy.

The novel follows Eragon, a young orphaned boy who lives on his peaceful farm with his uncle and cousin. One day, whilst traipsing near the mountains nearby, Eragon stumbles upon a mysterious blue egg. And it was only after the egg hatched, introducing Saphira–a beautiful blue dragon, whose species was thought to be extinct–to him that he realized that his life would be changed forever.

Paolini is an extremely talented writer, weaving aspects of old fantasy, like intricate nomenclature, with modern day simplicity. And The Inheritance Cycle is an amazing read and recommended for fantasy fans of all ages.