Review: True Believer

Image Source: Achona Online (blog)

Nicholas Sparks is renowned for his bestselling romance novels, and his book True Believer is no exception. True Believer hosts an entertaining blend of love and mystery, with just a touch of the supernatural.

Set in the rural town of Boone Creek, North Carolina, the novel tells the tale of Jeremy Marsh, a classy journalist investigating reports of ghostly lights for his column on debunking the supernatural. During his visit, Jeremy meets the town librarian, Lexie Darnell, and soon discovers that uncovering her past might be more difficult than solving the mystery he originally came for.

True Believer is an original story that fans of many genres will enjoy, and will keep readers hooked with a commendable combination of strong characters and a puzzling storyline. However, the novel could be improved with a stronger ending, as it seems to peter out and become less dramatic than expected.

Despite some aspects of the book being cheesier than most, you can truly believe that True Believer is a story readers won’t forget.