Reign Captivates Viewers’ Minds with Powerful Plot

Image Source: The CW

Set in the mid 1500’s, the fictionalized historical drama Reign follows Mary, Queen of Scots, as she is arranged to marry the future king of France. Throughout the show, viewers bear witness to the romance, betrayal, and politics that takes place at French court.

As the show’s strong female lead, Queen Mary shows her strength very early on; living in a time where all women are destined to do is find a suitable husband, and live as a devoted wife for the rest of her days, Mary quickly proves that she, among all women, are much more than that. She demands and receives the respect a proper ruler should get.

Each episode of Reign is sure to leave the viewer with their mouth open in shock, and their fingers on the remote, ready to click and watch the next episode.

With jaw dropping plot twists and scandal are frequent and will not disappoint, Reign is everything a viewer would want in a drama.