‘Dance, Baby!’: Meet Norway’s Resident Bedroom Chilean Pop-star, boy pablo

Image Source: 777Records

How can one describe boy pablo’s music? Is it dream pop, or bedroom pop, or is it sunny indie? The 19-year-old singer-songwriter’s genre-neutral music is hard to put into a box; but there is one way to describe it: good.

Pablo Muñoz, the creator of the musical project, boy pablo, is a Norwegian-Chileno hailing from Bergen, Norway. He created the project in late 2015, and after receiving a scholarship of 35,000 NOK, Muñoz’s music began to garner attention in Norway.

The thing that really put him on the map was the casual video for “Everytime” directed by Fabio Enzo. The video, complete with Muñoz and the band squinting into the sun, went viral last year after YouTube’s algorithm recommended the video to users.

Listeners were confused by the video, the evidence displayed in the comments; however, viewers all adored the music and for good reason. boy pablo’s music is easy to listen and fun, but upon taking a closer look at the lyrics, listeners can hear him croon sad musings on unreciprocated love over the bubblegum instrumentals.

“Like most musicians, I never necessarily knew how to get there and I still really don’t, I’m just going with it,” he told Bandsintown.com.