New Artist on the Block: SAYGRACE

Official SAYGRACE website

SAYGRACE has gained some popularity on the social media app, Tiktok with her song “Boys Ain’t Shit”. It is a fun, relatable song with a blend of RnB and tropical influences. After hearing her silky voice, I was intrigued and explored more of her music. “Loyal” really emphasizes SAYGRACE’s smooth vocals as she varies her loudness throughout the song. “You Don’t Own Me” is a very empowering song that happens to feature G-Eazy. This song incorporates her signature slower tempo vocals along with the production and G-Eazy’s faster pace, creating a very different type of song. SAYGRACE is able to design the perfect balance of different tempos, which many other artists struggle with. SAYGRACE has spoken out about how this song isn’t just about relationships but also other aspects of life. She references how in the music industry, many want her to act and dress a certain way. “You Don’t Own Me” is just that; she’s telling everyone to back off and let her do her own thing, especially since she respects their own actions. 

There’s something very special about SAYGRACE. Maybe it’s her ability to make slower songs that are still upbeat, her silky vocals, or her relatable content, I’m not really sure. But it is all of these things that have been drawing me to her music recently. SAYGRACE has only released two singles in 2019. I hope she comes out with more music in this new year. If you’re looking for new music, give SAYGRACE a chance