My Future in Film and TV

Image Source: Netflix | Brand Assets

Although I am still not sure what industry I would like to have a future career in, the entertainment industry has always been an interest of mine, especially film and TV. Many film companies have been growing immensely, like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney, and as such, they have created new ways to advertise themselves.  I am personally interested in the business aspect of entertainment, so I would prefer a job in the marketing or finance side of these companies.

Netflix began in 1998 as a way for customers to purchase DVDs through the mail. As it became more and more popular, they added their streaming service, changing the way people access their favorite movies and TV shows. More platforms and companies began adding streaming services after seeing the success of Netflix, such as Amazon and Disney+. Due to this success, profits at Netflix have grown from 5,000 million dollars to over 20,000 million dollars in just six years. Although there are no entry-level jobs at Netflix, as the company has grown in size, many high-level job openings were created, such as project developers, software engineers, and publicity managers. This is similar to other film and television companies.

Since quarantine has introduced many people to new TV shows and movies they usually would not watch, the marketing teams at these entertainment companies are marketing towards a wider range of people. The prospects for marketing jobs are predicted to grow by 7% in the next eight years. As for finance, the job market is predicted to grow by over 10% by 2026. This will be very helpful when I graduate college in three years.

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