My Busy Summer Vacation…


I am currently unemployed, but have been actively applying to jobs. In the meantime, I have work opportunities through family members. I occasionally work at my dad’s real estate office as a customer service rep and general employee. I also spend a few days a week babysitting my cousin.


Image Source: Rachel Hardwick

I am fortunate enough to travel frequently. This summer, I plan on taking trips to Michigan, New York, and maybe the Pacific Northwest. In Michigan, I am going to stay in a lakeshore cabin and relax at the beach. In New York, I am going to spend time with family, explore the city, and maybe go to a music festival. Going to the Pacific Northwest would be amazing because it would be my first time and I would love to not only explore the cities but the abundance of nature.



Image Source: Rachel Hardwick

Summer is full of opportunities, including leisure reading. I enjoy fiction, but I always find myself in the new and recommended non-fiction section at the library. I am particularly interested in books about psychology, nature, and food. I also enjoy reading classics such as Pride and Prejudice.



Image Source: Rachel Hardwick

I love being outside and in nature. If it is a nice day, I try to go on a hike, bike ride, or kayak trip. I’m very excited to be traveling this summer because I will be able to explore and immerse myself in beautiful natural areas. I don’t live near an ocean or lake, so I make sure to enjoy the swimming in these places when I get the chance. I also want to go camping if I have time this summer.



This summer, I want to write more often. Whether it journaling, songwriting, or blog posts, I want to have fun with it and become a better writer.