Music and Manifestation: A Guide on How to Use Music to Shape Your Life


Music is abundant on a global scale and billions of people listen to diverse genres daily. From listening to melancholy music when you are seeking comfort or listening to rap on an eventful night out, music comes in all forms and people seek it out for a variety of reasons. As social media progresses, many people have begun to realize that the catchy songs that become stuck in our heads all day may not have the best messages and may be hindering their mindsets. While I am an avid supporter of listening to whatever you enjoy, I’ve found that music with uplifting messages help me go about my day with a more positive outlook on life. Below, I am going to share artists and songs that I believe can become daily mantras and truly help shape aspects of your life for the better.

  1. Ariana Grande: “7 Rings”, “Just Like Magic”, “God is a Woman” (As well as most of her new album,  Positions)
  2. Yung Baby Tate and Flo Milli: “I Am”
  3. BOT and VNSSA: “What I want”
  4. Pharrell: “Happy” 
  5. SZA: “Good Days”
  6. Russ: “Manifest”
  7. Kanye West: “Power”
  8. Nicki Minaj and Beyonce: “Feeling Myself”
  9. Lizzo: “Good as Hell”
  10. Jhene Aiko: “Love”
  11. Doja Cat: “Boss Bitch”
  12. One Republic: “Good Life”
  13. Little Mix: “Joan of Arc”
  14. Kehlani: “Already Won”
  15. Megan Thee Stallion: “Money Good”
  16. Solange: “Binz”
  17. Mac Miller: “Good News”
  18. Britney Spears: “Gimme More”
  19. JAY-Z and Alicia Keys: “Empire State of Mind”
  20. Drake: “Started From the Bottom

Although I only listed twenty songs, there are hundreds more that you can find and listen to, especially if you are looking to manifest specific things such as a healthy relationship, financial growth, a different career path, etc. 

Music can be an escape, but you can also use it to your advantage to better your life and your overall mindset!