Long-Distance Relationships

Image Source: Redbubble

When the words “long-distance relationships” come to mind, we often think of romantic ones. The typical love story or the disaster that couldn’t hold itself together any longer. However, we forget that long-distance relationships don’t always have to fall under the romantic category. Instead, I’m going to focus on family. My extended family all live far away. Whether it be a plane journey across the country or across the world, that’s all I’ve known. We’re lucky that we’ve grown up in a world filled with technology. Easy access to messaging apps and phones makes communicating with family members so much easier. And sometimes I fear that we take it for granted. Our parents lived in a time where phone calls would cost a fortune and letters were the main choice of communication for many people. Now it’s easy, fast, and free of charge. I encourage you to message your cousins, aunts or uncles, call your grandparents and tell them that you miss and think about them. It’s important to stay connected with family, especially when they live so far away.