Levain Bakery: Mother and Daughter Approved

Image Source: Autumn Schorr

My lovely mother accompanied me on the 2 hour walk through New York City in search of Levain Bakery. Yelp and Instagram foodie Jonathan Cheban raved about this bakery and crowned it as the best place to get cookies in the United States. Obviously, my mother and I had to try this.

After the long walk in NYC summertime humidity, we came across the location on 74th street (there are 4 shops). Levain Bakery took the expression “hole in the wall” very literally. Nothing more than a tiny sign above the door guided us to the bakery. A narrow staircase leads you down to a room where 6 people can stand in comfortably. A display case of decadent pastries is located at the front. The overwhelming smell of buttery, sugary dough causes customers’ mouths to water immediately. The bakery sells a wealth of other goods including baguettes, scones, muffins, sticky buns, and more.

I’m sure those are all delicious, but do not get distracted. You must get the cookies. Specifically, you must order the chocolate chip walnut cookie because it will change your life. It will make you never want to eat any other cookie again because it will always be a downgrade compared to Levain. You may even wait through the 25 minute line, order, eat your cookie, and then get back in line to order 2 more. I’ve done that.

My mom was equally as smitten, yet had more self-control and stopped at one. She has, however, gone online since our trip and researched how to get these cookies shipped to California.

Make your way over to experience the magic of an iconic city and the heavenly taste of a Levain Bakery cookie!

Image Source: Autumn Schorr