Review: I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

"I Think You Should Leave" creator and actor Tim Robinson
Image Source: IMDb

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson is a new Netflix Original sketch comedy series co-created by and starring Saturday Night Live’s Tim Robinson. The premise is fairly simple: Tim Robinson is a part of, or incites, a situation so uncomfortable that everyone else becomes so uncomfortable that they would like nothing more than to leave. Simple, yet absurd. That’s the premise of most of the sketches, but some feature simply ridiculous ideas, such as a cyborg from the year 3020 visiting Ebenezer Scrooge in the past to enlist him in the war again against skeleton creatures. Some sketches feature Tim Robinson and some don’t, but all of them have one thing in common: they’re all wildly funny.

In the sea of Netflix Originals, I Think You Should Leave stands out for a few reasons. Most importantly, it’s totally original. The combination of Tim Robinson’s idiosyncratic sense of humor, as well as his outrageous performances, create a completely different atmosphere from any other show. Its originality, coupled with the assembly of the supporting cast, including other SNL talent such as Andy Samberg, Will Forte, and Sam Richardson, adds a substantial quality to the show, as well as makes every facet of the show funny.

I Think You Should Leave is also unique because of its length. The show has only six episodes, and each episode is about twenty minutes long. If you’re looking for something entertaining to watch on a long car ride or during a casual break from working, watch I Think You Should Leave—you won’t be disappointed in this absurdist standout series from Netflix.