With 18 tracks packed with incredible honesty and diverse emotion, Blackbear’s new album, “ANONYMOUS,” is a satisfying soundtrack for any occasion. As themes of emptiness and regret immerse themselves in this album, Blackbear truly creates a bond with his listeners as he speaks to them through his music.

The opening song, “PINK ROLEX,” sets the tone for the rest of the album with the line “Once again, it’s my heart” repeated throughout the song in different languages. Blackbear sings about how his heart has iced over, leading to a numb indifference to the world and the artificial feeling of it. While he calls out the internet and social media’s role in this feeling, he also acknowledges the ways in which he cares about the way he is perceived by the public.

“SWEAR TO GOD” is one of my favorite songs on the album. After a supposed encounter with God at a liquor store, Blackbear starts taking responsibility for his actions and admits to his wrongdoings, instead of running away from them. As God—who is subtly given a female pronoun—asks him why he keeps running away, Blackbear decides to admit to his significant other that he cheated on her, and swears that he will change his ways.

Some of my other favorite songs on this album include “DRUG DEALER,” “CHANGES,” “HEARTBROKEN,” and “1 SIDED LOVE.”

Image Source: YouTube