How to Live Intentionally With These 3 Affirmations

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Living intentionally is something that has been talked about a lot on the internet and social media in recent years. But what exactly does living “intentionally” actually mean? According to the dictionary of Merriam-Webster, to be “intentional” means “to have awareness of what one is doing.”

To live with intention, we need to not only be aware of our day-to-day actions, but we also need to ask ourselves why we do the things that we do and how they fit into the life that we envision. In these past few years, I’ve taken a closer look at my core values and shifted my mindset in order to live every day with intention. Read on to see which affirmations have changed my life and helped me live an intentional life.

1. Step by Step, Day by Day

Success doesn’t happen overnight. This is something that we all know deep down, but it can be a difficult concept to come to terms with, especially when we work hard for something and don’t see immediate results. I used to get frustrated when my efforts weren’t immediately rewarded, but I’ve changed my mindset in the last few years. Hard work may not be rewarded right away, but building healthy habits and maintaining them makes a huge difference in the long run. All we can do every day is put in the hard work and work on our goals step by step.

2. Good Things Never Come from Comfort Zones

It can also be difficult to do things outside of your comfort zone. However, growth is always uncomfortable. It’s always hard to go through change, but we always come out of hard times as better versions of ourselves. Every time I’m in a situation that makes me uncomfortable, I know that there’s a lesson to be learned.

3. Sometimes, All That Matters is that You’re Still Trying

On days when I’m feeling discouraged or unmotivated, I always try to remind myself that all that matters is that I’m still trying. When we look at our day-to-day efforts on their own, they may not mean much, but maintaining that positive energy and attitude every day will make all the difference in the long run.