How to Start Your Health Journey

Image via Narragansett School System

Health encompasses mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. There is no one determinant for personal health, but there are ways to optimize your overall well-being. Too often, people attribute weight and physical looks with health, but health is more than that! Here are some easy ways you can improve your health and wellbeing:

Walking – Take a short, 10-minute walk every day. It can be just around your block, or, if you have time, go to a park, nature reserve, or beach and walk around. A simple 10-minute walk has been proven to reduce stress, increase heart health, and reduce disease risks.

Eat a wide variety – Eating a variety of foods nourishes the brain and improves overall brain function. Research has also proven that it increases gut health which is directly related to physical and mental health, boosting happy hormones as well. Make sure to include vegetables and fruits in each meal! Try adding color to your plate if you’re struggling!

Relax – Contrary to popular beliefs, taking a break and relaxing is so important! A stressed and anxious mind is mentally, emotionally, and physically deteriorating and unhealthy. Take a break now so you can work at your full potential later. There is nothing wrong with prioritizing your well-being first.

Drink water – Make sure you’re drinking water throughout the day. It’s easy to forget to drink when you’re busy, but remember that your cells need water! A lot more water than you think! To make it easier for yourself, carry a reusable water bottle around!

These are just a few of many ways to start your health journey. Remember that a health journey does not have to be about losing weight. Being healthy means taking care of your mental and emotional health as well! Always prioritize your health!