Hot and Cold: Styling Layered Looks in Southern California

Due to its indecisiveness, the infamous Southern California autumn is tricky to find the perfect outfit for. From foggy mornings of visible breaths to scorching afternoons of untouchable metal, California residents have to dress for both summer and winter every day. I recommend wearing lightweight layers in dark colors. I find that maroon and dark grey are a stylish fall color combination.

Roxanne De Guzman

In this outfit I put together, I am wearing a pair of grey jeans ripped at the knees with a black belt and a ribbed maroon halter bodysuit that ties in front. I partnered this with an army green windbreaker to go along with the fall color scheme that centers around rich, dark colors. Lastly, I wore a pair of black lace up booties to complete the look.

While this outfit is a staple for me, there are ways to recreate it with similar pieces that you can find in your own closet. There are also a lot of possible ways to modify the outfit to fit school or work regulations, or even to create a more relaxed look.

If you are looking to dress the outfit up a little for work or even a night out, I would suggest swapping out the windbreaker for a dark-colored blazer or perhaps a grey denim jacket. In addition, you can wear grey or black slacks to make an outfit more work-appropriate if your job requires a dress code. The booties can be substituted with black flats or boots of different heights. If you are looking to dress the outfit down a little for school or a chill night with friends, you can try grey denim shorts and a pair of black vans.

With the weather changing continuously throughout the day, a light jacket and an adaptable outfit is definitely the key to these early autumn days. With this outfit, you can take a temporary break from the typical fall flannel and try a different look that still gives off that fall vibe.