Back to School Beauty Organizers

It’s that time of year again – school is approaching, and if you are anything like me, your makeup collection has somehow expanded well beyond the confines of your latest choice of makeup bag. Regardless of whether it’s a result of boredom-driven online shopping, summer splurging, or as a reward for finishing a summer job or internship, school is rapidly approaching, and you’re in need of a functional-yet-cute but reasonably priced beauty organizer. 

Well get ready, because here are three!

With trends favoring all things rose gold, this copper-tinged glass and gold organizer features nine compartments and feels sturdy enough to hold all of your beauty essentials. Chic enough to display on your counter yet compact enough to fit comfortably in a cabinet or drawer, this quality organizer is versatile, fashionable, and affordable.

Ashley Musick Price: $24.99

Need a makeup brush organizer? Amazon has you covered with this similarly styled glass and gold brush holder, designed by MuTwo. The included pearls keep brushes upright in addition to providing an aesthetic appearance, but can also be removed to reveal an elegant mirrored base.

Ashley Musick Price: $21.99

For those with limited storage space or anyone looking for a fun and unique way to organize, try this rotating organizer from YinZhiBoo. The glass and gold structure paired with a mirrored base makes sure all of your favorite products are visible and easily accessible. If you’re really organized, you can even group items by purpose or product type – for example, lip products in one compartment and facial products in another. See how I chose to organize my products below!

Ashley Musick Price: $32.90

With all of your beauty supplies newly arranged in these gorgeous organizers, you’ll feel calm, confident, and collected heading into the school year! Good luck, and happy organizing!