Homemade Character Costumes

As Halloween gets nearer, it is time for the most important decision of the year: which costume will be chosen for the sacred holiday? I am a massive fan of Halloween and it remains my favorite holiday. Not even a pandemic can keep me from donning a new costume. Since this year will most likely include more selfies than photos of nights out with friends, you can take the opportunity to get creative with your look. Here are some fun, inventive, (and cheap!) costume ideas for this year.

Photo from bettyberry on Instagram

A great idea for Halloween costumes is making a classic movie character out of modern clothing that is reminiscent of the character while making it new and interesting. A big favorite among college girls and Disney fans is dressing up as Disney characters, particularly princesses and lesser-known side characters. Also known as Disneybounding, you can pull a sparkly blue dress from a past high school dance, some converse, and you are now a modern-day Cinderella. Get creative with your least-worn pieces in your wardrobe and come up with a fun new twist on a favorite character, villain, or hero.

Photo from Forever Amber

Another way of updating character designs is to set it in a particular time period, depending on what clothing you have available. If you want to embody a classical character or icon, you can pick something from your wardrobe that is timeless and familiar, for example, a white cocktail dress for Marilyn Monroe or a leather jacket for James Dean. If you’re feeling particularly creative, hit up your extended family for any leftover pieces from the 1970s and 80s. Dressing in decades is just as much fun as different genres of movies or books.

A tip that never goes out of style, whether it be for an everyday outfit or a Halloween costume, is to go to your local thrift store and hunt the racks. You can find so many unique pieces at low prices, even pre-made Halloween costumes. Upcycling is great for one-time costumes! I found a unique striped blouse that I wore to be Beetlejuice on a budget. 

Think about what characters are similar to you and buy some sustainable pieces that you can wear both on Halloween and year-round! Trick or treat!