Having Fun – Indoor Edition

Image via Do You

Being stuck inside can seem boring, but that’s where you have to be creative and fun! Since the beginning of the pandemic and several lockdowns, we’ve had to find solutions for a major problem: boredom. Quite honestly, in the beginning, I struggled a lot. I didn’t know how to use my time and I struggled to find ways to have fun while indoors. But, with time and a little bit of creativity, I found ways to have fun while cooped up inside!

Here are some of my favorite indoor activities that have been keeping me sane:

Card & Board Games – This is perfect if you’re living with family, friends, or roommates. Have a fun game night with a group of people and pair it with some snacks and drinks! My personal favorites are: Twister, Monopoly, and Jenga. 

Baking & Cooking – I have come to love baking and cooking. I got inspired by watching Chopped and Zumbo’s Just Desserts on TV! I’ve come up with new recipes, but my favorite part about baking and cooking is the unique creativity you can add to your dish. I love to decorate my baked goods with sprinkles and icing, and I love plating my meals beautifully. This is also a great group activity. Baking with your family and friends, and making something together is a great way to bond. My family and I have held baking competitions, too!

Yoga – While all of the gyms and outdoor facilities were closed, I became a home Yogi. I realized how easy it is to practice yoga in the comfort of your home. All you need is a yoga mat and an online instructor. (Free on Youtube!) I like to take time out of my day to stretch and meditate on my yoga mat. To make it extra fun, I have purchased extra goods such as essential oils and Yoga workout gear to get more excitement out of at-home yoga.

Heads Up – This game is easily downloadable through your iPhone and is one of the best group games, in my opinion. It gets the entire group involved, and everyone always seems to be laughing. In my household, we have prizes for winners, so we get competitive, adding a little more fun and excitement to the game!