Gay Girl Summer: A Style Guide for WLW

Happy Pride Month, folks! The time to be out and proud is here—and the heat is on its way. Summer is upon us, so it’s time to adjust your wardrobe. If you identify as sapphic and are struggling to put together outfits that signify who you are to other sapphics, here’s a quick guide to dressing gay in the summer. 

First up: long shorts. I’m talking five-inch inseams at the minimum. There’s something about that Adam Sandler look that works for sapphic people. These can easily be paired with any t-shirt —  add a baseball cap for extra flare. A recommendation for the perfect long shorts is Wrangler’s Men’s Loose Fit Carpenter Shorts.

Muscle tees are a great option to pair with the aforementioned long shorts. They give off a masculine vibe if that is what you’re going for. You don’t have to have muscles or work out to wear these; they’ll look good regardless. These ones from Target come in a nice range of colors and are affordable, so go crazy with stocking up your closet!

As for shoes, Doc Martens will always do the trick; so will a pair of chunky shoes. Platform Converse, platform boots, a big pair of heels… Any of these will stick out from your average running shoes.

For the femme babes out there, pair a cropped shirt with a midi skirt. The combo can give coffee shop date or fairycore picnic vibes. Whatever look it is, it’ll be fun, flirty, and girly.

Additionally, you could take the hyper-femme route: colorful, bright makeup and many accessories will help you stand out. With the Barbie movie on the way, you could take inspiration from her bright pink fits. Going above and beyond in expressing your femininity is more of an identifier than you may think it is!

Hopefully, something in this guide helped inspire your summer style. Most of all, I hope you all have a lovely Pride Month!