Fun Skincare Brands!

In this day and age, there is an overwhelming selection of products and brands available in the skincare market. Having an abundance of options is great; however, sometimes this only makes it more difficult to find something that works well for you.

One of the less well-known brands that has been recently gaining some popularity is Drunk Elephant. Founded in 2012, this U.S. based brand sells goods made from natural and fragrance-free ingredients. For those that have very sensitive skin types, like myself, this is a plus. Drunk Elephant’s philosophy is all about returning your skin to its “balanced state” meaning less is more; they avoid all essential oils, fragrances, silicones, and alcohols. 

Drunk Elephant offers sunscreen, moisturizers, masks, serums, and plenty more! The branding is really adorable and there are plenty of affiliate codes easy to find on the internet. Drunk Elephant will also send you a 15% off code when you first sign up with your email and free shipping when you spend $50 or more. 

The founder of Drunk Elephant swears by the ingredient found in most of the company’s products: virgin Marula oil. This special oil full of fatty acids and antioxidants comes from the Marula tree’s fruit. The name “Drunk Elephant” comes from the neat tale that elephants like to eat the fruit of the Marula, and the fermentation in their bellies then causes the elephant to become drunk. 

If you have the ability to spend a little extra on skincare treatment and you are looking for some staple products, Allies of Skin is definitely the brand to go for. Their skincare solutions usually range from $75-$120, but the effectiveness of their face washes and serums are unbeatable and make it so worth the price!

Allies of Skin promotes modern mixes of the purest ingredients for your busy lifestyle. The contents and branding are very minimalist, yet the ingredients are not lacking in the slightest. Allies of Skin is cruelty-free, sulfate, silicone, alcohol and synthetic free.  

The best part of their website appears under the Regime Recommender tab. The tab takes you to a quick questionnaire about your skin’s condition and any issues you may be struggling with. After completing the quiz, Allies of Skin presents you with some particular products recommended for your skin type. It is so much easier choosing cleansers and moisturizers knowing the ingredients are clinically proven and that professionals are suggesting specific products just for you!

Whatever your weekend hobbies are, it’s always nice to treat your skin after a long week and give it some healing time; that’s why Saturday Skin company is such a gem. Saturday Skin’s goal is to make you feel like your skin is always getting that special treatment when using their products.

The skincare company promotes its products as “weekend in a bottle” meaning these solutions leave you feeling refreshed, happy, and rested. I must say their branding doesn’t disappoint! These products are too cute to pass up, which is also the reason their products caught my eye in the first place. With their bubble gum pink packaging and great ingredients I really didn’t mind spending a little more than I usually would on skincare products. 

This brand really does leave your skin feeling fresh and revived. Just some of their ingredients include lemon, juniper, peach, and fig which all have different benefits for your skin’s health.

Some of my personal favorites include their bestselling featherweight moisturizing cream and their rub-a-dub refining peel gel.