Fun Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Halloween is right around the corner and even though the usual festivities may not take place this year, you can still have fun trying out different Halloween inspired makeup looks at home! All of these looks are from YouTube tutorials, so you can watch how the looks are created! 

Neon Rainbow Skull 

Photo from Giulianna Maria on YouTube

 Giulianna Maria puts a spin on the go-to black and white skull look by using neon shades! The addition of these bright yellow, pink, blue, green, and purple colors gives your overall look an extra layer of definition and style! A simple black smokey eye and white contacts will complete the look. 

Captain Jack Sparrow 

Photo from Victoria Lyn on YouTube

Victoria Lyn brings Pirates of the Caribbean‘s Jack Sparrow to life with her dazzling makeup look! She uses a variety of different glitter eye shadows to achieve this glamorous and smokey look. The addition of the wig, bandana, and jewelry brings her emulation of Sparrow to life. 


Photo from Carli Bybel

Who doesn’t love a classic fairy look? Carli Bybel incorporates rhinestones and pastel shades to showcase her imagination of a water fairy. She layers the shimmery eyeshadows on top of each other to give a beautiful glisten when they catch the light. The slicked-back braid and flowers in her hair finish the show-stopping look.

I hope these tutorials inspire you to use your creativity and try out different makeup looks this Halloween!