Integrating Self-Care in Your Routine

Image Source: Pixabay

Have you considered starting a self-care routine? Whether you are in school, adapting to a new job or even have an opportunity to relax, it is always a good time to start. 

If you are struggling to find a place to start, write a list of things you like to do and relax, and make sure you do something everyday. Here is an example of my list:

  1. Video meditations on Youtube and audiobooks
  2. Coloring books and music
  3. Breathing exercises (also strengthen lungs!) and/or light yoga stretching
  4. Intentionality when I move, moving slower, more deliberately; lightly asking myself questions about my environment when going in walks — just curious, to start spreading awareness
  5. Listing at least five things I am grateful for, and giving myself little self-hugs

I try to do self-care at least fifteen minutes a day, and log my practice to help make it a priority. 

Let me be clear: there are many ways to care for your mental and physical well being, far more than what could be covered in this article. You need to find what works best for you, and maybe it changes — but like any habit, consistent practice is what makes self-care effective.