Fine Line

Image Source: Facetté The Hair Experience

I have very fine hair, always have, and probably always will. It breaks easily, it tangles easily, and it lies just completely flat on my head. I used to absolutely hate my hair until I learned to appreciate myself fully. Through experience, and advice, I’ve learned to take care of my fine hair, and volumize it—even slightly—when I want.

First off, I’ll plug my favorite shampoo, Avon Volumizing Shampoo. Not only do I get an amazing increase in volume from it, but my hair also really does feel thicker and stronger, right from the scalp to the very end. I find my hair breaks less easily and is easier to brush.

One thing that really helps me for volume and overall care is to keep my hair short. I find I get more bounce and my hair looks fuller without being weighed down by length. It’s also easier to get out tangles, and I find I have fewer of them.

Being careful when you brush your hair is essential. Instead of reaching for the comb first, I recommend going for a bristle brush (I find natural is best) to get out the worst of it, and then go over it with a regular brush and a comb (although I generally avoid combs completely). 

Vitamins are also key for keeping hair strong and helping with hair growth. B vitamins, vitamins A, C, D, and E are all great for hair growth. You can find explanations and a longer list of vitamins here.

One of the biggest factors in increasing volume that I’ve found is to avoid conditioner entirely, or only use it on the ends of your hair. For me, conditioners weigh my hair down and I find it makes it look dull and oily (even though it’s not). This may not be the case for everyone, but it’s certainly the case for me, and my mother, who also has fine hair. 

Love your hair no matter what type you have. It’s part of what makes you you. Take care of it, nourish it, and wear it the way you think looks best or is most comfortable. All hair is beautiful, and yours is no exception.