Falling For Fall

A large element of trend forecasting is dressing  within the looks of a season. This Autumn’s trends are inspired by nature hues as they mainly reds, yellows, browns, and greens. These vibrant colors are able to be paired together, since they compliment each other. On the color wheel, colors that are across from each other, can be worn in the same outfit, such as reds and greens. Colors that are in one section, such as colors that are all warm or cold colors, also look good when worn together. These fall colors can often be seen on cotton or wool sweaters or plaid flannels.
This maroon long-sleeve from Forever 21, makes for a great fall outfit. It would look great when paired with booties, or even simply a pair of tennis shoes, like I have in the photo. The overall fit steers away from the oversized sweater look, this style might be more appealing to some people. Another great fall staple is the flannel! My friend is wearing one in the photo. Her boots and green and blue flannel make for a perfect combination!