3 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for the Procrastinators

Image Source: WCPO-TV

Whether you are in the middle of midterms as a college student or a working parent who did not have time to shop for a costume, I’ve got three EASY Halloween costumes locked down for you all! These can be for all genders and are foolproof for any activity!

Angel/Devil Costumes

These costumes can be a great idea for anyone as they offer a fun and interesting vibe to the event you will be attending! These will especially be more fun to dress up as with a partner, as you two could both be angels/devils or one is the angel and the other is a devil! And the best part is, the costumes can be put together in a very inexpensive and quick way. For angels, you can get an all-white outfit and pair it with an angel halo (which can be bought for very cheap at online/costume stores) and throw some highlighter on those cheekbones! For devils, you can wear an all-black outfit or something with a pop of red and wear it with devil horns and a red pitchfork! A devil outfit can also be found in a party store or online for a small price, where the outfits usually include a devil tail, devil horn headband, and a red pitchfork. So, go for this and decide whether you’re good or bad; either costume will be a very fun look for the night!

Nerd Costume

Nerd costumes are a traditional last resort for those who wait until the last minute to buy a Halloween costume. This costume, which is also gender-neutral, can be fun for anyone and for any age! You can quite literally choose any outfit you desire, but if you want to be a true nerd, possibly wear your favorite wide-set glasses with trousers and a button up! If you have longer hair, you can do pigtails or a low bun, while those with shorter hair can do something fun as well or keep as is! This is a very humorous costume while also sporting the fact that knowledge is power!

Animal Costume

For an animal costume, this would work best with any animal that you may know of that has whiskers. The reason why is because whiskers can be easily drawn on your face with eyeliner! This type of “makeup” or face art can be paired with a headband that has ears (of any color — coordinate with your favorite animal’s fur!). Since this costume is so simple and inexpensive, it should definitely be considered as you can be cute and fun in a small amount of time!

So, if you are going out to a Halloween event this week, you now have three options for a costume if you do not have one yet! Whether you want to go for an evil/good, school-oriented, or four-legged animal look, these three costumes will not disappoint and can be modified in many ways to cater to your taste!