Fall Festivities: Pre Halloween Look

One of my favorite Halloween traditions is going to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights with my friends. For a night full of walking, comfort is key. However, there is no need to compromise a fun, themed outfit for the sake of wearability. While I like to keep my Halloween look subtle for activities like these, I definitely like to dress along the darker themes and have more fun with my outfits. There is so much that you can do to create a fun look without wearing a costume!

Halloween look
Roxanne De Guzman

One of my go-to spooky tops is the grey t shirt with a grunge ribcage design on it. With bird silhouettes scattered throughout the ribcage and a mess of a sequined heart, this shirt is nothing short of spooky. Perfect for thrills, tricks, and treats, this simple yet festive shirt has been a pre-Halloween staple in my closet for years. I’ve worn it for a lot of fall activities in the weeks leading up to Halloween, from themed parties to haunted houses to horror movie nights with my friends.

Here in Southern California, fall chills aren’t quite felt yet around Halloween season. With temperatures up to 90 degrees in October, it’s more than reasonable to wear a t-shirt like this on its own, especially when you know you’re going to be walking a lot. However, I sometimes like to keep a darker color scheme for the rest of my outfit and carry a black, grey, or red jacket around with me in case the nights start to get a bit chillier. I would partner this with shorts, leggings, or jeans, depending on the event that I am going to.

Roxanne De Guzman